A lot of planning, labour, and decision making goes into a big move. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a temporary fix or a permanent move. Making a strategy for transferring your family treasures, gifts, or luxuries you’ve indulged in is something that can often be overlooked.

Unfortunately, overlooking such precious possessions and leaving them unattended can result in costly (or worse: irreparable) damages. Especially if it’s a cross-country transfer.

When we’re looking for ways to move our valuables, we want to make sure that the company we hire is right for us. That means that their movers are trained and have the know-how for packaging and transferring all sorts of mediums from point A to point B.

Fortunately, we’ve created this article for you. A guide from us to you, on whether removal services will move antiques and how you can be sure they’ll be kept safe.

Removal Services Will Move Antiques

So, you’re moving, you’ve got a lot of antiques, and now you’re in a bit of a panic. Because how do you move them whilst keeping them safe? Will anyone help you? Do removal services know the practices of moving antiques?

Luckily for you, the answer to that last question is yes. Most, if not all, removal services are incredibly capable of moving antiques.

At Aardvark Art Services, we’ve transported fine art up and down the coasts of England, Scotland, and Wales for more than 20 years. No need for you to leave such pieces in unsafe hands – we care expertly. Because we understand that many antiques can be valuable family heirlooms. So you can trust us to transport your items safely and securely.

Our team are fully trained art handlers and can ensure that your valuables will be handled specifically, with care, and in a specialised manner. We only use specially adapted vans which are tracked and unmarked so that your pieces will always arrive safely.

Plus, our service is door to door nationwide! So your antiques will reach their new home efficiently and quickly with our deliveries from 8am to 7pm.

Whether it’s just a house move or your gallery’s whole exhibition, you can be sure that we’ll be up for the job of safe transportation. And you can count on us to get it done.

Transporting Your Art

Did you know that we don’t just transport your art, we pack it, too?

We’ll carefully package and handle your good. You are more than welcome to wrap and package them yourself before we arrive. But, for an additional fee, it is a service we offer.

Any items will be soft wrapped by our crew to prevent damage during transit. Additionally, we can provide you with a storage facility. Based nearby Lytham, our specially made storage crates have expert security. Everything we do is to ensure the protection and safety of your antiques.

We’ve moved art from one location to another for multiple customers. And that includes galleries, museums, auctioneers, private collectors, and artists. Each work of art is distinctive, precious, and often fragile, which is something that every one of our movers is aware of.

It might be stressful to wait for all pieces to arrive at their destination but you don’t need to worry with us. Every transport vehicle is custom-built with satellite tracking and communications.

Whether you are transporting little canvases, massive sculptures, or fragile antiques, we can provide a specific packing solution particular to you. Get in touch with us if you want more details on our art transportation services.

Our Approaches to Moving Antiques

Different kinds of antiques require different approaches for protection during transit.

Take fine china or glass pieces – those will require more thought and certainly delicate handling. Large items could be crated but those small pieces need to be thoroughly packed so that all weak points are covered.

As a minimum, vulnerable spots would also need to be covered while transferring antique furniture by expertly wrapping the pieces. When fragile objects are transported, crates offer more stability and much sturdier options for awkward sized or shaped items.

Although paintings can be covered, crates provide the best protection. In crates, the possibility of damage is reduced because they have limited movement. There will be less chance of falling down or being damaged by hitting something.

Just like paintings, all old books are wrapped carefully to prevent movement whilst being moved. At Aardvark, we can modify additional approaches to offer security for priceless and antique books.

Planning on hiring a professional transportation company? Look further than Aardvark. You can view our insurance coverage here. Stay up to date with our latest news.