Safe & Secure Art Storage

Aside from transporting your fine art and antiques, we also offer art storage in our specially-adapted facilities. Our secure storage is located near Lytham, and we use custom built storage crates along with professional security.

Art storage can be incredibly useful when transporting art for upcoming auctions, exhibitions and gallery openings or other events. The art can be safely stored in our facility before being transported to the event. Our art storage facilities also come in handy when transporting art long-distance.

We understand that your art and antiques are delicate, which is why our staff take excellent care of your pieces when packaging, storing and transporting them.

Safe storage at our Lytham site (limited to 1 week, charges will be incurred after this time). We also have safe storage facilities within 1 mile of our Lytham store, with custom-built storage crates.

Professional & Efficient Art Transportation

We provide safe, secure and efficient transport of Fine Art and Antiques. Our door to door service is unrivalled. You cannot just trust any old courier service to move something as precious as fine art. You need an expert and dedicated art transportation service.

Aardvark Art Services is a favourite for artists, private collections, auctioneers, art dealers, galleries and museums across the UK. Our loyal customers know they can count on our excellent transportation services and secure art storage facilities to take their pieces from A to B. Our nationwide fine art and transport service uses specially-adapted vehicles, which are unmarked, secure and tracked for your peace of mind.

If requested, we can even expertly package your fine art or antiques to ensure they remain in perfect condition during the move. Please note, this is soft wrap and incurs a supplementary charge.

We have several vans (unmarked for security), including 2 x 7.5 tonne vehicles. All our vehicles are fitted with telecommunications and satellite tracking devices, with vehicles being closely monitored whilst away from our base.

art storage and transportation facilities

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If you are looking for first-class art storage and transportation in the UK, you can count on Aardvark Art Services. With over 20 years’ worth of experience, we are art movers you can trust to transport your precious goods safely.

You can contact us on:

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Quotes for storage available when requested, please contact us on T: 01253 794673 – F: 01253 730580.