So you’re moving. And you have a few priceless, valuable art crafts. Or maybe you have a large number of them.

The possibility is that some of your items are works of art which is why you’ll be wanting to take many precautions whilst moving any of them. Even more so if there are pieces of work that are quite sentimental to you.

Damage to any of your goods, especially the valuable art creations, is probably one of the last things you want. But when it comes to protecting your artwork yourself, it might be a little challenging or complicated.

Fortunately, a reputable art company will frequently provide extra services for moving artwork that take into mind just how precious expensive art is. In fact, said companies will already be well-versed in procedures regarding art protection, preservation, and transportation. You should still take care to box any art securely, though.

What can you do about paintings that are unframed? Or framed? Anything you need to know you can find out in this blog!

Moving Your Artwork

You’ll need an armful of supplies to ensure that any artwork you have is relocated safely. Regardless of anything else, the main things will need are carboard sheets and some tape, tissue paper or newspaper pages, and bubble wrap.

Moving Unframed Pieces of Art

Firstly, you should place cardboard underneath the painting but avoid touching it with your palms or fingers when handling it. The best way to protect the face of the painting is to cover it with newspaper or tissue paper.

Not only will that protect it from any potential touches but also from exterior contact with something that could cause scratches or discolouration when it’s on the move. Secure the paper down with tape to keep it in place.

Further protection can be done by placing another piece of cardboard on the painting, but it’s surface. This helps offer support in the structure so that painting doesn’t bend. Wrap the cardboard piece(s) together with tape for good measure.

Moving Framed Artwork

It can be a little more difficult to prepare framed artworks for moves because they are usually heavier. Plus, the frames occasionally have odd shapes. Therefore, strong boxes are required for any framed pieces you have. It’s advised to use mirror pack boxes which your movers should have some supply available on hand to give to you.

As well as bubble wrap and tape, be sure to have packing peanuts and maybe corner protectors for safe and secure packaging.

The frame should first have its corners protected before being completely wrapped in bubble wrap. Then tape the corners to keep bubble wrap in place. Also be sure to sandwich the painting between two sheets of hardboard, secured with tape, to help it keep its structure and stay covered.

Only place your painting within the boxes once it has been filled with at least one layer of packing peanuts. You can always add more in afterward to ensure that its snugly fit so that there’s a guarantee the painting won’t move.

Finish by putting tape on the package to seal it inside.

How To: Find the Best Art Transportation Service

Using professionals is quite heavily advised just because of the complicated, often times frustrating, process of packing and transferring artwork.

Finding the ideal moving company, though, can be equally difficult. You need to look for a business that specialises in transporting art and then compare portfolios, services, and previous art moving jobs.

This provides you with the perfect opportunity to assess whether the organisation has the necessary expertise, training, and experience in transferring artwork. Sometimes it comes as an afterthought to people but consider requesting quotes from the different companies you’re scouting so you can choose a reasonably priced service.

(Always read customers reviews! They provide the most insight.)

Aardvark Art Services

Aardvark Art Services has been shipping artwork across the country since it was established in 1998.

Our crew has extensive experience and frequently travels throughout Wales, Scotland, and England. We can guarantee that any valuable art of yours is being transported and stored securely thanks to our specialised packaging and storage facilities.

The majority of our clients and customers are private collectors, museums, galleries, and exhibits. Additionally, our staff has the skills, expertise, and specialised tools required to transport your priceless possessions safely.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to move any valuable artwork – that includes paintings, antiques, sculptures, etc. Every piece will arrive at their destination in good shape, that’s something we can assure you of.

If you have any queries regarding our services, please just ask us.