Maintaining the condition of artwork can be tricky, especially during a move. Art is delicate and easily breakable and sometimes, accidents happen. So will removal companies move fine art?

During a move, every art piece needs to be handled carefully and treated with care to avoid any irreparable damages. Professional movers are experts at handling and moving delicate items so it’s easy to put your trust in them.

But moving art pieces from one’s home is completely different to moving fine art pieces found in museums and galleries. In this blog, we’ll outline removal companies and fine art transportation.

What Are Removal Companies?

Removal services are offered by companies to relieve stress from a person’s shoulders – usually the person who is moving their items.

It’s not always for residential purposes, either. Someone may require a removal service for business purposes, such as clearing out their offices or other business-related spaces.

These services will take care of the entire process, from packing to loading to unloading at the desired site. Moving companies that provide complete services would usually know how to handle delicate objects. They do transport a lot of glassware, and maybe pottery or porcelain.

How Do Specialist Art Movers Differ?

Although removal services are very competent at their job and can see it though efficiently from start to finish, there are some objects that may just be a little too valuable.

Like those extraordinary pieces of art that are hung in museums and galleries. Or maybe it’s a sentimental piece – something that’s a testament to all the hard work an artist has spent creating it. And for pieces like those, we want to feel assured, to know that they’re being treated carefully during transportation.

So, when it comes to art pieces specifically, specialist art movers differ a lot from regular removal services. First of all, they know the medium. Whether it’s canvas work, antiques, or framed paintings, art movers know what each piece needs. Specialist art movers know that every piece is unique and has different requirements than another.

Like oil paintings. Art movers will know that they can’t be packed differently but removal services may not know this. It’s because they won’t know all the nuances.

Another thing that differs these two types of moving services is that art movers have special packing materials.

Artwork comes in various weights, sizes, shapes, and forms. Having the right materials to pack them in is important when transporting them. They need to be sturdy and secured, as well as protected from any potential damages they may sustain. Many  removal companies will use the same materials for fine art that they use for other, less delicate items.

Why Should You Choose Specialist Art Movers?

Aardvark’s expert movers are equipped with a special skill set, ensuring that transported fine art reaches its destination safely.

Original works of art are irreplaceable as well as incomparable. These artworks are, often, also incredibly valuable so there’s extra risk when transporting them.

By choosing specialist art movers, you’re putting your fine art in the safest, most equipped hands. Our experts know how to properly pack fine art to protect it from scratches and gouges. They also know how risky it is if it’s exposed to any damaging materials or climates. Therefore, your fine art is better in the hands of specialist art movers rather than regular movers.

Removal companies could move fine art, but it’s best if it’s not valuable and original pieces from galleries or museums.

When we transport fine art here at Aardvark Art Services, we always make sure it’s an unmarked, discreet vehicle. This ensures the safety of the transport route, minimising potential risks of art being stolen.

Every single one of our staff has extensive training in all aspects of moving fine art. From handling and packing to storing and loading.

Aardvark Art Services: About Us

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