Moving antiques, fine art and collectables can be challenging. The last thing you want is to damage something incredibly valuable or sentimental during a move. This can lead to an expensive repair or worse, irreversible damage and an extreme loss of value.

Are you moving home? Sending an antique to a new owner? Or looking to transport your antiques and collectables to a museum, antique fair or auction house? We can help. In this blog, we are going to share 5 tips for moving antiques and collectables, including furniture and fine art.

1.      Clean Antiques And Collectables Before Moving Them

Cleaning antiques and collectables before moving them is important for two reasons. Firstly, cleaning them makes it easier to clearly see any imperfections or marks that the item already has.

These will need to be documented to ensure the antiques and collectables arrive in their new home in the same condition they left.

The second reason for cleaning antiques and collectables is to prevent dust friction. This is particularly important on wooden furniture and antiques. If dirt, debris or dust is present on your antiques or collectables, it may scratch the surface of the item during movement.

2.      Photograph And Document Every Item

As mentioned above, you must always have an inventory of the items you are moving. You should photograph each item in good light, paying particular attention to any marks or imperfections the item has. You should also make a note of the condition of the item.

If an antique or collectable is damaged during transit, having evidence of its condition before the move is crucial for insurance purposes.

It may also be beneficial to get your items appraised before a big move as this will provide an accurate valuation of your items in the event of damage during the move.

3.      Package Antiques And Collectables Correctly

Packaging your items is one of the most important steps when moving antiques and collectables. Correct packaging can protect your valuables from damage.

If you are packing the antiques and collectables yourself, be sure to invest in high-quality packing materials.

This includes corrugated cardboard boxes, wooden crates, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, acid-free packing paper, styrofoam and cardboard corner protectors and packing tape. Wrapping blankets may also be useful when transporting multiple items at once.

correct packing materials should be used when moving antiques and collectables

Packing tape that is labelled with “Fragile”, “Handle With Care” and “This Way Up” is beneficial. If you choose the right transportation company, such as Aardvark Art Services, professional packaging is offered as an additional service.

This means you can have your art, antiques and collectables professionally wrapped and stored ready for the big move.

4.      Hire A Professional Moving Company

If you are unsure how to safely package and transport your belongings, it is best to hire a professional moving company that is experienced in moving antiques and collectables.

Here at Aardvark Art Services, we provide a fine art, antique and collectables courier service. Our dedicated team boasts more than 20 years of experience in safely and securely moving antiques and collectables across the nation.

We offer peace of mind to artists, private collectors, art dealers, auctioneers, museums and galleries when transporting their pieces.

Our nationwide door to door service includes the use of specially adapted, unmarked and tracked vehicles to move antiques, art and collectables securely from A to B. No matter the shape or size, our professional team of antique and art handlers have the experience and knowledge required to move your items safely.

As mentioned previously, Aardvark Art Services also offers a packaging service. And we can even store your antiques, fine art and collectables in our secure storage facilities before the move.

5.      Don’t Forget Insurance

Your antiques, fine art and collectables should always be covered by insurance before transporting them. Without the correct insurance, you may not have cover if the worst happens and your valuables are damaged or lost during a move.

Always double check your existing insurance policy as most insurance policies do not include removals insurance. Removals insurance is used solely for protecting your valuables every step of the moving process, including packing, transportation, and storage.

If you hire a professional antique transportation company, such as Aardvark Art Services, insurance cover may be included in the cost of the transportation.

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