Auctions are one of the best places to buy and sell both antiques and artwork. Reputable auctioneers are a great way to find high-quality genuine antiques and artwork.

Auctioneer experts will appraise a piece and suggest a fair valuation to the seller, and as a buyer, you know that what you are bidding on is in good condition, genuine and worth approximately what it is valued at.

If you do win something at auction it is your responsibility to safely ship the item back to yourself. This is easy enough if you buy something small, but quite often artwork is large and fragile, especially if you want to transport it in its frame. Antique furniture can pose an even larger logistical problem.

Traditional couriers are not suited to transporting antiques or artwork, many of these companies strictly prohibit transporting anything like antiques or artwork, and certainly won’t insure them. For example, DPD prohibits canvas prints, all fragile items, painting, framed artwork, and furniture. The list is so long, it is probably easier for them to list what they do accept. Similarily UPS restricts articles of exceptional value (eg, works of art, antiques, precious stones, gold and silver).

Aardvark Art Services, on the other hand, specialise in transporting all these things. We have highly trained staff, custom vehicles and dedicated secure storage facilities to cater for all your transport needs. Our customised vans can accommodate almost any sized artwork or antique furniture and all the goods are fully insured.