In this blog, we share our tips for fine art and antiques packaging and shipping.

When it comes to shipping fine art or antiques, it is unlikely you will find a regular courier that is willing to handle the item. They will frequently have expensive and fragile items on their prohibited list, and if you try and ship something like this, the insurance won’t cover it.

Therefore, it is advisable to ship anything that is fragile and valuable via a specialist service such.

Aardvark Art Services Professional Art And Antiques Packaging And Shipping

Our professional server includes custom-built vehicles with satellite tracking and communications and a team of specially trained to handle fine art and antiques. Our service is door to door so you can be safe in the knowledge that your art or antiques will arrive as you sent them.

We can also provide soft wrap packaging on request as some added protection. When it comes to preparing the artwork or antiques yourself if the item is fragile it is ideal to ship it in a rigid container.

Many companies sell durable double or triple-walled cardboard boxes that are designed to stop crushing and these can be bought for a reusable sum. Alternatively, a more durable solution is foldable plywood boxes, which are designed to be suitable for air-freight due to their low moisture absorption, low weight and immense strength.

Once you have a hard-shell you will need to carefully pack it to ensure the item stays safe while inside the box.

Other special packaging materials we recommend using:

  • Stratocell foam – multipurpose closed-cell polyethene foam sheets for additional padding
  • Acid-free tissue – for wrapping delicate items that are prone to tarnishing, such as precious metals and jewellery
  • Whitecap tissue – used for wrapping up smaller items
  • Reusable polystyrene loosefill – used as box filling to protect items
  • Air cap barrier sealed bubble film – used for extra padding

This is just a brief guide helping your secure your precious items, but we can advise you in more detail when you make an enquiry about transporting fine art and antiques.