Parting with a piece of fine art is hard. But sometimes needs must. Perhaps you’re making space for a new piece, or maybe you’re moving house or redecorating. Maybe you no longer have the space to display the piece of art, and it doesn’t deserve to be hidden away in storage.

Whatever the reason, selling a piece of fine art is a big decision. Selling it in the right place is important and can impact the price you receive for the artwork.

In this blog, we’re going to share the best ways to sell fine art.

Best Ways To Sell Fine Art

There are many ways to sell fine art and antiques, including in-person and online. One of the most popular ways to sell fine art is through an art gallery.


If you purchased the art from a gallery, it is customary to offer the piece back to the gallery when you come to sell it. The art gallery will be familiar with the artists’ work and will work hard to ensure it is resold at a fair price.

If you haven’t purchased the art from a gallery, it is still worth having discussions with art galleries when you are selling the fine art. Look for galleries that sell similar styles and have a strong customer following. When selling to an art gallery, you can be confident that the fine art is being left in the best hands.

Auction (And Online Auctions)

If you have no luck with art galleries, auction houses are a great option. Auction houses aim to get the very best price, and with so many people interested in buying at the same time, the chances of selling the fine art quickly are higher.

Better still, the majority of auctions are straightforward and will let you know if they think your item will sell or not.

Online art auctions houses have also soared in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic. Online auctions are convenient and time-efficient. Choosing an online auction dedicated to art, antiques and similar items, such as Sotheby’s, is usually the best option.

This way, the fine art you are selling is put in front of the right audience. Selling on popular auction sites, such as eBay is also an option but you may not get the best price.

Fine Art Dealers

Fine art dealers will often specialise in a specific style of art. They often have their own galleries. But some fine art dealers don’t have a gallery open to the public and prefer to buy and sell art online and through word of mouth. Some fine art dealers will have some of their pieces displayed at galleries and antique/art retailers.

Art Fairs

Buyers of all kinds attend art fairs. Are fairs often provide a platform for emerging artists to display their work. They are attended by art dealers, interior designers, art collectors and gallery owners. Art fairs are beneficial if you are selling more than one piece of artwork.

art fairs are a good way to sell fine art

Transporting Fine Art

If you sell a piece of fine art, the next hurdle you face is having to transport it to its new home. Fine art and antiques should always be transported with precision and care, otherwise, you risk damage, loss, theft and other problems.

If the artwork you sell is damaged during transit, it can affect the buyer’s decision and will likely impact the value of the fine art.

Hiring a professional fine art transportation company is the best option. Here at Aardvark Art Services, we transport fine art and antiques across the country.

We have a first-class, door to door courier service that is loved by our customers, which includes private collectors, museums and galleries, auctioneers and artists.

If you choose Aardvark Art Services, your fine art will be transported to its new home in a custom-built, unmarked vehicle with satellite tracking and communications. The fine art will be handled by art transportation experts who understand that each item is unique, priceless and often delicate.

As well as safely transporting the fine art to its new home, we can also expertly package the art to give you peace of mind and ensure it reaches the buyer in the exact same condition.

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