A standard moving company can handle a typical household’s or business’s relocation needs, but you should trust your fine art to professionals such as Aardvark Art Services, who specialise in transporting such precious cargo. These experts have a specific skill set and offer services well worth the investment. Art movers coordinate all logistic factors to relocate artwork for museums, galleries, and private collectors. 

Original works of fine art are unique and irreplaceable, but transporting your artwork to a new location exposes each item in your collection to many risks. Improper packaging leaves scratches and fails to protect against dings and gouges, or a piece of work could degrade if exposed to the wrong materials or climates. Your artwork might also get lost or stolen. These are just a few of the reasons it is prudent to entrust your paintings, sculptures, and other art to an experienced art transport professional such as Aardvark Art Services.

Securing your fine art in preparation for transport

The characteristics of each piece of artwork determine the appropriate packing solution. Art movers consider the physical needs of paintings, ceramics, antiques, and sculptures and select a packaging method proven to work:

  • Use of nonabrasive foams and blankets against the surfaces of artwork.
  • Set up internal shadow boxes with cardboard frames to support and secure artwork in place.
  • Identify the chemical properties of tapes and materials to avoid stains or leeching colours.
  • Build custom crates for uniquely shaped or oversized items.

Your artwork is most susceptible to dangers during transit. Aardvark Art Services know how to coordinate the fastest routes using the safest methods:

  • A trusted courier makes transports your artwork with a door to door service.
  • Specialist vehicles that are fitted with Satellite Tracking and Communications
  • Movers might arrange air freight for faster delivery across greater distances.