Hearing that your artwork has been damaged isn’t the best news you can get. Even more so if you get this news during the Christmas season. The season when, if you’re a selling artist, commissions for art pieces are high.

So you need someone you can trust, someone who can guarantee the safety of your art once it gets to point A from point B. There is no better art transportation service than us – Aardvark Art Services.

London and Edinburgh are both readily accessible from our base in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, in the North West of England. In fact, we cover the majority of the United Kingdom in our weekly planned runs.

Once every two weeks, we cover areas further away. So wherever you are in the UK, and wherever your art is going to, you can depend on us.

We Understand the Needs of Clients

For galleries, museums, auctioneers, individual collectors, and artists, we carry art from point A to point B. Each work of art is distinctive, priceless, and frequently delicate. All of our art movers are aware of this.

Though it can be stressful to wait for pieces to arrive at their destinations safely, with us there’s no need to worry.

We design a specific packaging solutions whether you are transporting little canvases, massive sculptures, or installations. Along with all of our vans being unmarked and security tracked, we can keep you artwork in our secure sites.

Our Art & Antiques Services

Auction Transport Services

Aardvark Art Services offers secure auction shipping services throughout the UK. Your artwork and antiques will be expertly moved to or from the auction house by our team.

One of the best venues to buy and sell artwork and antiques is at auctions. Genuine antiquities and works of art of the highest calibre can be discovered through reputable auctioneers. As a buyer, you may be confident that the item you’re bidding on is in good shape, authentic, and worth a similar amount to what it’s valued at.

Other auctioneer specialists will provide fair evaluations to the seller, too, so you have to be authentic.

Fine Art Courier Services

Aardvark provides its clients with a nationwide door-to-door service. Our skilled team can promptly and effectively deliver your artwork to its new location with deliveries made from 8 AM – 7 PM.

Only highly modified, unmarked, tracked vehicles are used by us to ensure that your pieces always arrive without incident. You can rely on us to transfer your art safely. Whether it’s part of a larger exhibition removal or a simpler house move.

Packaging & Storing

We can expertly box your antiques and fine art in addition to shipping them safely. Before we handle your pieces, you are allowed to package and wrap them. However, we can do it for you for an additional fee.

Your items will be soft wrapped by our crew to prevent damage during shipping.

Additionally, we provide safe storage facilities which have specially made storage crates, located nearby Lytham, which have expert security to safeguard your artwork pieces.

Why You Can Trust Aardvark Art Services

Established in 1998, Aardvark Art Services has been delivering valuable art and antiques safely and securely for over 20 years. When transporting their works, artists and dealers, museums, galleries, auctioneers, and private collectors can feel at ease thanks to our top-notch antique and art courier services.

Did we mention that our unmarked vehicles are satellite tracked? Well, they are. One of our top priorities is the security of the art we’re transporting.

Our skilled crew of art movers know what it takes to relocate your art safely from A to B.

So don’t hesitate to contact our staff if you have any questions about our shipping services for antiques and fine art. We are always on hand to assist.

To get in direct contact, you can phone us on 01253 794 673. Alternatively, send a message to our inbox by emailing [email protected].

For more guidance or tips on art transportation, check out our blog.