When you’re dealing with antiques that are both valuable and very delicate, it can be quite nerve-wracking. So planning transport for your fine collection has to be well-thought out. You have no choice but to be picky.

Moving heavy or large antique items can be hard just for one person, and it will be challenging. It’s not something you would want to be damaged in transit, nor would you want it to sustain damage when being handled. Not to mention that some antiques are incredibly expensive.

Perhaps the only right solution is to put your trust into professional antique movers. After all, they’re professionals for a reason. Hiring an art handling company that is reputable will help to ease any stress or worries you have. And you can be sure that your antiques will reach their destination safely.

In this Aardvark blog, we’re going to give you reasons as to why you should hire professional antique transport.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Antique Transport

If you hire a professional art transport company, your relocation process is likely to be much smoother. Not only would it ease your worries but bring you peace of mind, too.

Here’s 4 reasons to hire professional antique transport companies.

1.     Experienced Staff

Moving any kind of art, particularly valuable and delicate pieces, means that it needs to be handled cautiously. Especially when it’s going long distance, too.

Professional movers are specially trained and maintain the highest possible standard throughout the whole process. From packing the art to installing it. Art moving companies often organise training courses so that they can teach their staff the correct, proper techniques for handling art. Some also even equip their staff with the knowledge they need to deal with logistic challenges.

Therefore, you can guarantee that precious art pieces are in safe hands when you hire professional movers. Then you have one less thing to worry about and can focus on other important things you may have to do.

2.     Protection & Insurance

Most specialised art movers will offer different types of insurance for moving art and antiques. And insurance is always the best idea.

It guarantees the safety of your art possessions and art shipping companies, such as Aardvark Art Services, even have innovative and trusted security methods. Here at Aardvark, we transport all art pieces in security tracked, unmarked vans for precaution.

Moreover, art transport companies will only hire trusted people who have excellent background check results. As well as that, they also have experience handling items that are fragile, like antiques.

3.     Saves Time

People sometimes often believe the idea that hiring an art moving company means spending money on something you can do yourself. However, trying to handle and transport antiques by yourself can result in damages.

Not to mention the fact that you then also have to account for travelling time as well as the packing and installation time. And for quite a few of us, time is precious. Particularly if we have businesses to uphold.

So hiring professional antique transport can be the best way to save time as well as protect the art pieces. That way, you can dedicate all your time to your business and let the professionals deal with your art pieces – it will also be a quicker process.

4.     High Standard Service

Finding professional antique transport companies that are experienced and reputable is the most important. These are the services that can be entrusted with your art.

When you work with professionals, they will handle your antiques with the utmost attention and care. Plenty of them will offer a full service, too. This includes using special equipment for packing the pieces, storing, transporting them, and also installing them once they’re at the desired location.

Companies can also deal with other related tasks for you. Such as insurance coverage, customs clearance issues, or even bureaucratic permissions.

Why Choose Aardvark Art Services?

Established in 1998, Aardvark Art Services has been transporting art nationwide for over 20 years now.

Our team is incredibly experienced and they travel almost anywhere within England, Scotland, and Wales weekly! With our specialised storage and package facilities, we can ensure that your antiques are being securely stored and transported.

About Aardvark Art Services

Museums, galleries, exhibits, and private collectors make up much of our customer and client base. And our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience, as well as specialist equipment necessary, to relocate your fine art safely.

If you have any antiques you need to relocate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We can guarantee that they will reach their destination in tip-top condition.

Should you have any questions about what we do, just ask.